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Shabaresh kumar.pSubstation automation with the use of micro controllerBy making the use of the microcontroler or embedded system technology we can make the substation working as automation in this v can make any of the type of substation as automatad this reduces the power loss while switching and others Monday, February 20, 2012
2:23 AM

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Rayman0723Substation automationIf you click on the "video" link in the menu above there's a video titled "Inside a smart grid demonstration project". I wish it went a little more in depth but it shows some examples of substation automation and smart grid technology. I wonder how well it handles things like lightning strikes though. Is all that complex circuitry vulnerable? I'm sure they have thought of that. Monday, February 20, 2012
12:03 PM
JRobertsSubstation automation with the use of micro controllerThere’s a huge 230 kilovolt-primary substation near where I live. I’d love to get a tour of it to see what technology they’re using now. Unfortunately I don’t have a contact with the utility company to make that arrangement. It’s been there for a long time, so I’m sure it was built with mostly manual operation, but I’m pretty sure that they have partially automated it since. There are definite advantages to microcontroller embedding – like better load monitoring and circuit switching. They have to be extremely robust systems because of the consequences of failure and supply interruption. I also think that human supervision will always be necessary to handle any erratic or faulty behavior of an automated system. Monday, February 20, 2012
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