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GreenMachineNuclear power plant safety and proceduresThere’s a lot of “news fog” about what’s happening with the Japanese nuclear power plants. It’s uncertain whether their safety systems are operating exactly as they should or if there are some problems. I hope it proves that the contingency plans and safety systems worked properly. Nuclear has a downside but the other renewable methods aren’t enough to significantly reduce fossil fuel use in the near future. Friday, March 11, 2011
4:28 PM

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JohnKNuclear power plant safety and proceduresI’ve been following it and the reports are all over the map. Even the best case scenario doesn’t sound good. According to Wikipedia, the Fukushima plant has 6 reactors that started going online in 1970. It must be based on 1960s technology then. There’s been a lot learned since, and the current designs are much more intrinsically safe. No doubt there’s going to be a hot debate about this coming up. Saturday, March 12, 2011
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