Unexpected Teapots... thoughts about electrical power generation

Astronomer Dr. 'Joe' Liske explores questions about Dark Energy

Quantum Frequency by Terence Thomas

Daniel H. Wilson Ph.D. discusses machines, artificial intelligence, and a Robopocalypse!

Electrical ion propulsion and beyond
- a talk with NASA engineer Michael Patterson

World’s brightest X-ray laser illuminates molecular secrets

TerraPower’s ultimate energy recycling project

Technology historian Bill Burns talks about
trans-ocean communication

Intel's Nick Knupffer comments on high performance computing
and silicon photonics

Gravity, Magnetism, and Other Dimensions...

The next machine to look deeper into the atom
(an interview with physicist Marc C. Ross)

Quantum Debris

The Philadelphia Experiment and Electromagnetic Hiding

Dr. William Phillips discusses time dilation, atomic timekeeping, and quantum computing

Randy Wing, Ham Radio enthusiast, shares high adventures
and midnight mysteries...

The math... and madness of Y2K

The Secret Life of Engineer, Cartoonist, Show Creator Tim Hunkin

The Nightmare of a MIPS R5000 Processor

Graham J. Hardy Ph.D. talks about tube technology

The work and challenges of global lightning detection
with Prof. Robert Holzworth

Electrifying Entertainment!... the mission of KVA Effects

"City of Light"
author Lauren Belfer talks about a tech revolution of 1901

Mostly Sunny with a chance of mass coronal ejection
(space weather prediction with NOAA physicist Janet Green)

MIT helps inch towards the goal of fusion power

Searching For Life... with Dr. Seth Shostak

The Commodore 64 Still Has Game!

Living Off The Grid

A Fond Farewell to the Cathode Ray Tube

The secret to success at invention...and life

Fun Toys That Teach Technology

The Evolutionary Journey of Motion Picture Media
with "Cinema Bob" Stilson

Dark Rides... the fun of getting scared

A strange, out-of-town tech repair